On 21 June 2019 Champagne-Asia and 10 wine professionals from Hong Kong and Macau visited Champagne Vouette & Sorbée in the small village of Buxieres-sur-Arce in Côte de Bar. 

M. Bertrand Gautherot, his wife Helene, and their team have developed the estate from humble beginnings to a renowned Organic and Biodynamic Champagne producer in only 20 years.

Bertrand is very down to earth, and you can really sense his passion when talking about soil interacting with the roots of the vines, and his interesting winemaking methods. The proof is in the tasting, and we enjoyed sampling a number of “dusty bottle” vintages. 

Vouette and Sorbée’s signature style and ethos is to let nature speak for itself. Chaperoned by Bertrand, the results are as nature intended. No chemicals, filtration, or added sugar. 

The resulting Champagne is not a murky melange of fermented juice. On the contrary, it’s a clean and fresh expression of the quality of the grapes, living soil and Kimmerigian/Portlandian Terroir.

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