Champagne-Asia would like to thank the valued clients that attended their first tasting of the year of the dog. We would also like to thank the staff at BA Polo Club, an excellent venue, for their great service and tasty canapés, which paired nicely with the Wines of Champagne.

It was the perfect environment to focus on a range of wines from one maker. Vilmart & Cie have a great reputation, and a long history. Their Champagne is made in a way that appeals to many. There is a richness and depth that’s classy and refined. This is partly due to a consistency in method, but with a wide range of styles and blends, there was something for everyone to enjoy. See the range by clicking on the link below.

Champagne-Asia are planning a wider range of events in 2018. Information will be provided in advance to email subscribers, and on the website.

Vilmart & Cie Vintage and NV promotion 20% OFF