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Sonate 2011 Extra Brut



Wine: Sonate – The art of being natural from the grapes to the cellar

Composition: 60% Pinot Noir 40% Chardonnay

Plots: Côtes de Champraux and Charme de Fin Pressoir traditional Champagne

The grapes from the 2009 harvest present all the favorable conditions for a new adventure: the vinification of a cuvée with absolute respect for the fruit, that is to say vinification without sulphur. Then follow the 2010 vintage and now 2011.

Vines Avg age: 35 years

Certification: Organic and Biodynamic

Dosage: 1.7 g/L Extra Brut

Alcohol: 12%

Bottle size: 75 cl & 150 cl


Thermo-regulated enameled vats (55%) and in oak barrels (45%), Malolactic Fermentation

Aging capacity: 5 years


“A golden color, delicate bubbles and a fine bead of foam. On the nose, an endless farandole of intoxicating aromas. Sonate 2011 is pure from the moment it is put in the mouth, illuminated by a delicious tension thanks to the absence of dosage (no added sugar at the time of disgorgement). The mouth becomes a silky caress, carried by the minerality of the soils of the plots chosen in Courteron (Côte de Champraux and Charme de Fin), in which the vines are deeply rooted. Refreshing and dense finish, perhaps the mark of the yeast strain selected by the house in 2006. Remarkable length in the mouth” (Guide Véron des Champagnes 2019).


Hot oysters au gratin with lime
Chicken rolls with foie gras and mushroom risotto

Temperature: Between 10 and 12 degrees centigrade



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